An app to learn while playing

Learn how nature works and fill your garden with colours! Plant, water and grow flowers. Mix colours and create new seeds. The options are endless! With GardenLab you will learn how to take care of a garden and have fun while experimenting with colours and shapes. Your garden is waiting for you …and is full of surprises!

Value content integrated in the game

GardenLab is a fun app designed for learning. To develop it we have selected some of the most important contents from official education curricula and integrated them in the game’s dynamics. Discovering and using these contents properly is necessary to advance in the game. While the child is having fun playing, he or she therefore experiments and learns lessons of great value.

An attractive, intuitive design

The application has been designed to feature a scenario that is pleasant, relaxing and visually attractive for children. It is a space full of small details in which interaction is very simple and intuitive.

Fun and inoffensive

And …what matters most of all: playing GardenLab is great fun because it is by playing that we learn more and learn better.

  • There are no purchases in the app.
  • There are no advertisements in the app.

Available for iPhone and iPad!

GardenLab is now available worldwide in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Catalan